Converter App How to install ? why Converter App

The Converter App

best all in one multipurpose

PDF and Image editor/Converter.

Cloud based.

How to install

below are steps on ho to install application.

Step 1

"download" from website

click on download now button and then "open" the downloaded file

step 2

click on "Install"

Click on install option and proceed further.

Step 3

Click "Install Anyway"

the Application is still in development an till that time click on "INSTALL Anyway"

Step 4

Click "Open" & "Enjoy"

click on open and enjoy the application.

features of this app

Why Converter ?

The application is superfast and is made by keeping people in vision that require to convert the documents on the go.              some selected features are listed below.

  • cloud based

    doesn't acquire space on you mobile and runs smooth without any disturbance.

  • 100% free to use.

    this application is a collective collection of free to use websites which offer conversion fast and easy. its made to use for free

What can this App Convert ?

below is show that which formats does this Application supports



Can convert to and from pdf to multiple formats, to name a few Docx, PPT, Jpeg and More


Image editor & Converter

Comes with dedicated built in Image editor and different conversion method. the feature comes with a MEME maker(beta).


MP3/AV formats

mp3 files and other video files which come handy while doing work. one click easy converter


All in one converter

for other conversion files to name a few Psd files, video & more.

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with Love  "The Converter App".